OCCUPATIONS: Ideal Client – Professionals over age 45 with burning desire for a  Career Transition to a Labor Of Love using their    specialized knowledge and accumulated experience in a new business area where there is demand.

Value: YOU decide your new Career Identity. WE Plan-Action YOUR Transition with peace of mind.

SYSTEMS: Ideal Client – Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners motivated to grow their business 25% or more annually by working ON their business (marketing), NOT in their business (doing).

Value: YOU work ON your Business. WE supply the Blueprint to multiply customers and grow YOUR profits.

INVESTMENTS: Ideal Client – Investors with a Definite Purpose to earn a better ROI than at banks with an everlasting safe cash flow, free from property management activities.

Value: YOU invest. WE do the rest for YOU.


Erich R Willner

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GKIC Palm Beach serves professionals and small business owners in and around Palm Beach, FL, Boca Raton, FL and Fort Lauderdale, FL.