At the beginning of the year, toll rates for driving on the roads of Chicago went up 87%.

The idea is to use the money to rebuild, widen and expand 286 miles of highways in order to cut congestion, cut travel time and reduce gasoline expenses by lessening the amount of time drivers spend idling in traffic.

It’s estimated that the long-term plan will add $21 billion to the surrounding economy.

While the plan has been widely supported, some are unhappy about the increase. However, people pay because the toll roads are needed to streamline traffic within and around the city.

Imagine what creating a “toll booth effect” in your business could mean for you…

Guaranteed income, success, and a dedicated herd, for starters, right?

In Dan Kennedy’s just released Absolute Autonomy Blueprinthe talks about the factors that give you absolute control over your business…

The kind of control where you call ALL the shots and run your business the way you want to…

Doing business with whom you want and at the price you want.

One of the factors he discusses is creating a “Toll Position” in your business.

Dan says, “Money isn’t everything, but it’s hard to buy autonomy without it. But better than money, more leverage-able than money in many cases is a toll booth through which a whole lot of people want to get through and will pay to get there.”

In other words it’s key to develop good relationships with a sufficient size herd of valuable and quality customers, clients, or patients.  When this happens, other people will pay you money to get to them.

Here are three tips for building your list:

First identify your ideal customer. It’s simple to get a list, but if you are selling home-owners insurance and everyone on your list rents, you won’t be selling a whole lot of that insurance, will you? Before you do anything, you need to clearly identify who you want on your list. Who is your ideal customer that will buy your product or service? One way to help you create a customer profile is to survey some of your best customers.

Ask questions that build out your prospect not only in demographics such as are they married, where do they live, and what type of car does he or she drive but also in psychographics and emotions.

For example, what are their hobbies and favorite books? What types of things does he or she buy?

Then dig a bit deeper and ask things about what his hopes are for the future, what frustrates them and other questions to find out how he or she feels about things. (For a great list of questions, try using Dan’s “10 Smart Market Diagnosis and Profiling Questions” in chapter one of The Ultimate Sales Letter.)

Invest wisely in lists. Fifty percent of your success is in list selection. Dan Kennedy says, “A great list will buy a good offer, with a mediocre presentation. A great list will buy a mediocre offer with a good presentation. A poor list will refuse a great offer with a great presentation.”

Yes, it costs money to buy lists. However a well-chosen list can be like finding the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Use your ideal customer profile to match a list to him or her.

Zero in more tightly on your ideal prospect by overlaying more than one list. For example, let’s say you know your ideal customer is into fitness and is concerned about his health.

You could go to a list provider like SRDS and get a couple of lists. Maybe one has people who subscribe to a fitness magazine like Men’s Fitness. And the other list perhaps has customers who have spent money on vitamins. You overlay the two lists and look at who is on both of those lists who might also be your ideal customer.

Use a variety of methods to generate leads instead of just one. The most successful businesses integrate all types of media. By combining different methods for generating leads, you can reach more of your market.

However, if you are only trying to generate leads using one method or source, chances are your list will grow rather slowly, and you may lose people at a faster pace than you gain them.

In my interview with America’s number one lead generation specialist for small businesses, Darin Spindler, Darin suggests that you do a variety of things to drive people to a website, a phone number or the mailbox.

He says, “The folks that think they can do it in just one place, especially only online they’re really just fooling themselves.” (GKIC Members can access this interview online in your GKIC Success Club.)

Like Chicago, creating a “toll booth effect” in your business can be a great way to add revenue and control to your business. Follow these three tips and get a great jump on developing a client list that will create your “toll booth” –making other companies want to pay you to get access to your list.

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