I have come to the reluctant conclusion we should reinstate the draft. Or stick everybody at age 18 out in a dense woods with no supplies, clothes, compass and let only the determined find their way back to civilization.

Or at bare minimum, put each person into a town distant from their own, with $5.00, and only let those able to get a job or make money selling immediately live – lethal injections for the rest. We really need to thin the herd.

What we need are RESOURCEFUL people. And I am dismayed at how un-resourceful even many of “my” people seem to be.

Recently, an otherwise smart client waited 3 weeks and kept bugging us for contact information for someone easily looked up in the association directory I had told him to get, or on Google.

We still get faxes from people wanting to know where to get a particular book I’ve mentioned. Duh. Bookstore, Amazon, library.

I’m weary of telling people to get and use SRDS who won’t. Recently, a vendor royally screwed up a publishing job, discovered their mess on Friday and instead of fixing it and getting on with the job as scheduled over the weekend, just sat on their hands waiting until they could talk to me about it. Pathetic and inexcusable.

A person being paid to place ads turned out to be a pen pal, ping-ponging back problems instead of solving them. The problem she batted back my way could have been taken care of by her, directly, probably with one phone call – and I would never have needed to even know about it, let alone handle it.

I need things done. Not things back in my lap. And I am constantly purging people who don’t get it.

Damned few ‘Message To Garcia’ types out there.

If you want to know a key difference between people making boatloads of money and most who aren’t, it is that those who are, figure things out for themselves, get what they need by hook or crook, are independent and self-reliant and resourceful and wait for no one.

Those who aren’t are stopped on each journey by even the tiniest of pebbles.

Anybody can win with ample resources. Barry Switzer coached the Cowboys to a Super Bowl. As could have you, me or a housecat that year. The resourceful person figures out how to win without resources. How to marshall resources. Without waiting around. Get ‘r done.

Can you start a fire with sticks – or do you need to download instructions from your Bluetooth, have specially treated kindling wood, matches and lighter fluid in a kit.

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