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OCCUPATIONS: Ideal Client – Professionals over age 45 with burning desire for a  Career Transition to a Labor Of Love using their    specialized knowledge and accumulated experience in a new business area where there is demand. Value: YOU decide your new Career Identity. WE Plan-Action YOUR Transition with peace of mind. SYSTEMS: Ideal Client –…Continue Reading »

You may remember this true story from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich… Insurance Salesman R. U. Darby’s uncle went west to dig for gold and get rich during the gold rush. After weeks of hard work and digging, he discovered a piece of gold. He needed machinery to go deeper, so he discreetly covered up…Continue Reading »

The Shortcut to Generating Millions from Your Business The constant struggle to produce marketing campaigns and run your business makes it difficult to get everything done. Planning is the only true shortcut to running a business which will generate millions of dollars for you. Once you have completed your planning, you’ll be better able to…Continue Reading »


Something VERY different for a GKIC blog…and even more so, cause the Internet guy is posting it (it has NOTHING to do with SEO or the Internet at all). This is an absolutely AWESOME video that somone I was just hangin’ with in Australia over the last several days shared with me. Its a very…Continue Reading »

There is a tendency amongst authors writing about “success” as well as entrepreneurs, small business owners and CEO’s telling their success stories to be warm ‘n fuzzy and present classically popular ideas palatable to the largest number of people. To say that nice guys win. That having a positive attitude and drawing little smiley faces…Continue Reading »