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Business Marketing

Here’s the key point to get with all this — your #1 job is business marketing. Period.

As Dan puts it: “You aren’t a do-er of your business, you are a market-er of your business.” and therefore, you have to own that responsibility 100%.

No one but you should be doing your business marketing. You can’t outsource your business marketing — you have to own it. You have to become an EXPERT in marketing. But one problem many business owners and entrepreneurs in Florida have when it comes to thinking about marketing is getting stuck in too small of a box.

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say you’re in the hardware store business. Chances are, you go to hardware store association meetings and conventions… you read hardware store industry magazines… you pay very close attention to the advertising other hardware stores use, and so on.

You live your business inside the box of the hardware store industry. And when you craft a business marketing promotion, more than likely you copy what other hardware store owners do. And likewise, they copy you.

Before you know it, you (and everyone else in your industry) winds up committing what Dan refers to as “MARKETING INCEST”… where everything looks exactly the same and just like real incest, everybody gets really stupid.

GKIC exists in Palm Beach to rescue you from that box and open your mind to the best and freshest ideas from a multitude of industries!

You see, most business marketing and financial breakthroughs happen when you look in places totally different… and then bring back a new idea that’s completely out of the ordinary — seemingly disconnected, yet still incredibly powerful:

Even Potentially World Changing!

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