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How To Get Customers

GKIC’s founder – Dan Kennedy – says that he finally turned his business life around when he came to this simple yet profound realization:

“Big financial success in any business arrives when the “demand” consistently exceeds the “supply.” In order for that to happen, you must have reliable, predictable, consistent “systems” that affordably and efficiently provide abundant quantities of quality prospects, customers, and clients.”

Let’s break that down a bit:

  • SYSTEM — something that is by definition reliable, predictable, and consistent. So you aren’t running ads and using business marketing pieces wondering what the results will be. Nor are you picking names at random, performing menial “grunt” prospecting, accepting erratic results, and burning out. What this means instead that you have proven SYSTEMS in place that attract prospects day in, day out — systems you KNOW will generate a predictable number of customers walking through your door.
  • QUALITY PROSPECTS — This is another key element: you aren’t going after the entire planet. You aren’t interested in serving EVERYONE. Instead, you have consciously chosen to limit your business marketing efforts to serving only that specific subset of humanity that has the wherewithal to pay you generous fees for the products and services you offer. You aren’t in the business of dealing with disgruntled, whiny complainers who are never satisfied — instead, you have a top notch clientele perfectly suited to the goals you have for running your business.

So now you’re asking: “How I do get these customers?” You make this happen through the use of clear, consistent messaging about the benefits your business offers told through the medium of GKIC-style “Direct Response Marketing.” Here are the key elements of a Direct Response Message:

  • It has meaningful specifics, not a bunch of vague generalities.
  • It makes a clear, definite promise to the prospect.
  • It includes a specific offer or offers.
  • It provides precise commands for the call to action — “Here’s what I want you to do now!”
  • Finally, there’s some kind of extra reason to act immediately… limited number available, deadline for special pricing, whatever.

Businesses who “GET” Direct Response Marketing apply these principles immediately — which changes the way they communicate with their prospects and customers dramatically, instantly, and forever.

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