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How To Increase Sales

Now that they’re in the door… what do you do with them?

Increasing sales is one of the hardest challenges businesses in Florida face – the myth of the “slick talking” salesmen scares the pants off everyone. You have that picture in your mind already, don’t you?

Sadly, that’s what all too many of us think when it comes to the job of selling. Which is just flat-out wrong. Instead, you need to recognize sales as the critical partner to business marketing. They work in tandem, hand-in-hand. Marketing sets up the sales; sales closes the deal. And when done properly (again using proven GKIC-style marketing) getting to signing the check should be a much easier and pleasant journey.

Here are some of Dan Kennedy’s Secrets of Exceptional Selling:

  • You’re only there by invitation, as a Welcome Guest, respected expert and trusted advisor… not as an unwelcome, hard-driving pitchman.
  • Use TONS of PROOF — the mightiest weapon a sales professional can wield.
  • Discipline yourself to talk constantly and only in BENEFIT LANGUAGE — every element of your presentation has gone through the filter of “what does this mean to my customer?”
  • Have a carefully prepared and practiced MILLION DOLLAR SALES PRESENTATION that you have confidence in and rely on.
  • Pay as much attention to the customer AFTER the sale as you do in making the sale.

Finally consider this: if you increase your closing percentage by 10% — say from closing 1 of 10 to 2 of 10 — that means a direct 10% increase in revenues at zero cost. There’s no way to accomplish a similar increase in revenues through marketing without a huge increase in costs.

No other skill set will as directly affect your revenues and success as mastering the art of sales!

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