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Palm Beach Internet Marketing

If your community is like most, your prospects are now using the Internet to find local businesses (access free report) in the Palm Beach area. In most communities over 85% of searches for local businesses are occurring online. This dramatic shift to Internet marketing is also happening regionally, in states like Florida, and nationally.

In fact, advertising experts expect that it won’t be long before the paper Yellow Pages are dead, having been completely displaced by Internet Search. In addition, with over one billion people now using Facebook, social media has become the new word-of-mouth.

Our research has consistently shown that 99% of all small businesses are throwing their money away on poorly designed and ineffective websites that don’t take advantage of the latest Internet marketing trends.

That means only 1% of small businesses have websites that are effective in bringing in new customers.

What are the 1% doing?

Well, for one, they are making a lot of money, each and every month by making Internet marketing an integral part of their business and getting new customers every month, with little extra effort.

In other words, the Internet represents a huge opportunity for small businesses.

It is a great lead-generation tool, but more importantly, with only 1% of small business owners doing the right things, it is possible to effectively own the Internet for your business niche.

However, due to how the Internet works, it could be a pending disaster for many business owners.

Here is why.

  • This shift to Internet marketing is not going unnoticed. Over $16 billion in Yellow Pages advertising revenues is at stake – so everyone from venture capitalists, to opportunistic entrepreneurs, to proactive local businesses are trying to make an Internet “land grab.”
  • Local Search companies have gotten billions of dollars in investment capital.
  • Local business category domain names (e.g., are being grabbed up in mass (one company paid $160 million to acquire 100,000 such domain names).
  • Paid Search (pay-per-click advertising like Google Adwords) is exploding for the small business market.

In other words, if small business owners don’t act soon with a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy, they may be left out in the cold.

During the age of Yellow Pages, if there were more advertisers, they just add pages. But, with the Internet, once spaces on the first page for a given Internet search phrase are gone, they may be gone forever – or only available at a ridiculously high price.

Bottom line, you can’t afford to NOT be one of the 1% – because the upside opportunity for your business is so large and the downside risk of being locked out is so great.

There are many ways to improve your Internet marketing and get large volumes of traffic from customers in Palm Beach and throughout Florida. A successful online system utilizes all aspects of Internet marketing to get lots of visitors and to turn those visitors into customers.

There are only four ways for someone to find your website:

  • Entering a keyword phrase (e.g., dentist in Palm Beach) into a search engine like Google or Bing
  • Following a link from another Internet property to your website
  • Clicking on a paid advertisement
  • Learning about your website from an offline promotion (e.g., postcard, flyer, media article)

To be effective at Internet marketing you need to implement strategies for all four sources of traffic, including:

  • On-site search engine optimization (targeting keyword phrases for your business in the sites meta titles, meta descriptions and content)
  • Off-site search marketing (publishing content to other locations on the Internet with links back to your site)
  • Social media marketing
  • Adding your business to Palm Beach online directories
  • Google and Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Including an online offer in all your offline promotions
  • Banner advertising

Internet marketing requires work but it is becoming a necessity for almost all small businesses.

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